Through the last 13 months…

I have met so many parents who have lost a child and have heard so many horrific stories. No matter the story I say to myself, “I couldn’t imagine.” No matter how our child passed the bottom line is that our children are no longer with us. As parents we hope every night that we have a dream about our sweet child or that we get a sign that they are with us in spirit. The grief is unbearable… The pain of grief is something that you would never wish on anyone. Nothing makes me more upset then when someone tells us how to grieve. What I have found is that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Take down their pictures, clean out their room, don’t blame yourself and not allowing us to talk about them are some of the ways that people have told us parents how to “deal” with the grief. In reality the way one parent grieves is not the same as another parent…the best thing our support groups need to know is that we just need you to be there….Listen! Love! Hug! Talk about our loved one! (That’s my favorite)! Let us cry! It’s okay to let us cry! Sometimes having the opportunity to cry is a way to let out our true emotions. Please just don’t tell us how to grieve… We all need our support groups to be there for us!

I would like to send hugs to those of you that have been there for Randy and I and have allowed us to grieve the way we need to! Hugs!!!

Miss you my sweet Bri… I will be watching for you in my dreams!!