Today I have no words…

No words to express the pain and heartache that I feel. Today should have been a day of celebration to celebrate BriAnna’s 20th birthday but instead it was a somber tearful day.
Today we decided that we would go out for dinner as a family and I believe that we went where BriAnna directed us. The waitress asked us if we were celebrating something special and Josh said “my sister’s birthday”. As she scanned the table I told her she had passed away, she took our order and then stated “I lost a good friend”, wells up with tears and tells us her story. She had the other waitresses come back to wish Bri a happy birthday and brought us a bowl of ice cream to share.

We also had a birthday mass for her today… Bri loved going to church, she loved to sing and was very strong in her faith. Going to church is very difficult for me. It brings me instantly back to the wake and the funeral. I relive it every time I walk into the building. It is something a parent should never have to experience. Nothing I would want any of my friends or family to ever have to live with… Please for me hug your children tight tonight and tell them you love them every chance you can.

Please remember the WWBD philosophy and for her birthday please attempt to do something to live by this philosophy in the coming days in her memory…
“We honor the memory of BriAnna by striving to always be kind, helpful, and compassionate. We lend an ear to a person who needs it, help out our community in any way we can, or simply offer a reassuring smile to brighten someone’s day. We try to love others without judgment, and remember to be a force for positivity in the world.”
Happy birthday my sweet Bri! We love and miss you so very much!