This is Brixley's story.

This is Brixley's story. She was born at 27 weeks 4 days due to her mom's water leaking and she was full of fluid. Mom was rushed into a c-section and was told Brixley wouldn't live longer than 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes passed and she was doing great. Mom and dad were grateful she was progressing. The next day Brixley was still progressing so mom and dad had hope. The week moved on and Brixley was doing wonderful. Day 5 came and we had received a call that Brixley's oxygen level is not at a good spot. So many tests were done and we received the news Brixley had a stage 3 brain bleed. As her parents, we were heartbroken she was a perfect baby girl. Brixley got to meet her grandparents and passed in moms arms. Since she has passed she became our families guardian angel. For those short 5 days we saw a lifetime in our baby girl.