Land Donation

We are in search of a generous donor to consider donating land to WWBD so we can construct Bri's Lodge. We would like to provide a space where individuals and families can come to find peace and solace, a place where they can connect with others who are grieving a similar loss. Nature has proven to be a part of the healing process. Click here for more information on Nature & Your Grief Journey.

Our dream would be that the land would have:

  • 60-80 acres
  • Wooded area
  • Small pond
  • Be within 10-15 miles from St. Cloud

As mentioned this is a list of our dream land but any land donation would be greatly appreciated so we can get the planning under way. Your land donation would be the first building block to constructing Bri's Lodge and helping those traveling their grief journey.

What Would Bri Do is a 501(c)(3). Check with your tax accountant on how you can use your donation as a charitable contribution deduction.